Ethlyn Clark
Fax: (866) 234-2601

Ethlyn Clark's seventeen year real estate practice specializes in offering stellar service,with laser focus, to both buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate goals.  The backbone of her successful career is her unrelenting commitment to protect and serve the interests and goals of her clients. Her real estate specialty areas are Parkview and Brookwood school districts.

Ethlyn is a retired high school math teacher with Gwinnett County Schools. She has an undergraduate degree from Auburn University and a graduate degree in math from Clemson University.  Ethlyn became a licensed Realtor in 2000 and co-founded a real estate investment firm that focused on buying and selling distressed homes and pre-foreclosures.  In 2002, she expanded her business to include all residential sales - her customers’ referrals quickly grew an extensive database of clients.

Ethlyn is a long-time resident of Atlanta and has strong market knowledge of Atlanta’s many communities and the real estate trends of each. To quote Ethlyn - "My clients have frequently sought my advice and trusted my judgment on their real estate decisions. I take great pride in giving my clients the most precise up-to-date feedback and a realistic outlook on what they can expect in today’s real estate market. My message to my clients is this. ”Be careful what you wish for. You want to sell your home, get ready. You want to buy a home, get ready. Your wish is coming thru!"

In her free time,  Ethlyn enjoys life, period! Her specific  speciality interests are golf, travel, and spending time with her grandchildren but not necessarily in that order!